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Canadian "Old"?

Can anyone tell me about this razor?
Itchy finger on ebay brought this home the other night, not sure why.
It's in very good shape, cleaned and polished up nicely. No splits in the handle, looks to have had little use.
What caught me off guard is it has no plating, just a brass finish. Doesn't look like it ever had any either.
Looks better in the hand than the pictures convey. Flash is showing every wort of course.
Didn't shave today, my give it a whorl in a few minutes.
A little history would be welcome. Thanks.




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I wouldn't know any history about that Old Type but it's one great looking razor!
Looks like a 1920's Old Type. One of my go-to razors.
Pic from mr-razor.com

Yep, that's it, Canadian stamp. Still getting my head around the fact these things are from the 20's.
Weird how the one I got just has the polished brass finish. Maybe a promo cheepy or something.

Just shaved with it, did a nice job. Two passes with touch up here and there. I was careful and only had a very minor weeper.

Loaded a new Merkur blade (maybe lessened the experience :shrug:) with the rationale they seem a little thicker than the others to me, and my understanding is the Old was designed for the thicker original blades of the day. I'll try something else next time.

First impression between it and the Goodwill the other day has to go to the GW, which seemed a little more forgiving, but shaved very close on the first pass (I have a pretty heavy beard and sensitive skin). Used an Astra SP in the GW though. I'll switch up next time to be fair.

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I have one that looks just like that, and was surprised at how nice a shave it gives. I do think yours is in a little better shape than mine, as far as how shiny and bright yours is. Nice looking razor! :cool:
... I do think yours is in a little better shape than mine, as far as how shiny and bright yours is. Nice looking razor! :cool:

It didn't look that good delivered. A little "Mothers Mag Wheel and Aluminum Polish" shined it up quickly. As I mentioned, the thing has a polished brass finish, no plating.
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I have never tried to shim the blade, never felt the need to. I can get a DFS in just two passes, which is usually all I ever go for at this stage in my wet-shaving journey.

I have tried Astras in these razors as well (my other usual blade) but in my hands that led to weepers and nicks.

If you wanted to get closer, you could also try loosening the handle just a tick as suggested in the old Gilette instructions. It certainly works with my New Improved razors, can't see why it wouldn't work with the Old Types.:001_huh:
Thanks for the link, Mike. The concept of either adding a shim or loosening the razor to make it more aggressive is interesting. Seems like you would have more precision with a shim. Wonder if that would work on other type razors, like a Blue Tip, for example?
I have used a shim, and it didnt seem to make any change in the shave. YMMV
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