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Can you injure yourself with a guarded Artist Club blade?

I'm using the Feather Proguard Blade in my Shavette since yesterday and really like how smooth it shaves. I read an angry review of a father who tried to teach his son to shave with a shavette and this blade. He claims that his son sliced up his face. I can't imagine how someone could injure himself with this blade. Does someone know if this is possible? For me it feels like absolutely nothing bad can happen, no matter how bad the technique is. What do you think?
If injured you are referring to as cuts and weepers than yes it is possible to do the with Proguard Razors. I did this just yesterday shaving below my lip. Care should still be used when these Proguard Blades are being applied.
I use them in a two single edge razors with a comb (occam and Yaqi) and though compared to unguarded blades you can behave utterly rude atg you can get a nick.
I'm surprised that someone thought the guarded blade was somehow worse than an unguarded blade, but sure, you can still slice yourself with one. I find that they tend to *limit* the damage by not going as deep, though. You almost never see a villain using a ProGuard shavette to murder the victim in tv shows, for instance.

Joking aside, I found that by limiting the damage the guarded blades helped me fine tune my "danger radar" and reduce reaction time when I *did* do something that would have been worse if not for the blade guards.
A long time ago I sliced the hell out of myself with a Gillette Sensor cartridge. Two perfectly parallel gashes. Sure its possible.
Lol I might want to try a shavette which scares the crap out of me due to been using them in my se razor. But I know they can and will nick me
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