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Can you convert a CJB kamisori to a foldong

Hi guys

I can get a cjb gr100b shavette for £18

Is there anyway to convert to a folding?
Yes, you can. The rubber grip will just slide off and will expose a hole in the handle. It is bigger than the normal 1/16th hole in straight razors. I filled the hole with epoxy, then drilled to 1/16th -- worked ok, but not great. Some guys use brass tube to reduce the hole size of big-hole razors.

You'll have to get creative to figure out a scale shape that works for you. Trace the razor on paper and go crazy. One other thing I did was to make the wedge from 2 pieces of acrylic glued together, then sanded them in a bit of a triangle with the wide part facing the blade side (pic 2). Seemed to fit this style razor better.