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Can this be repaired?

So I found this brush in the wild for a song. The handle was so cool that I couldn't pass it up even with its obvious issues. I would love to restore but not sure what to do with the separation in the handle. The base is translucent so I can see that there is a set rod or screw holding the two pieces together. And ideas on how to approach this issue?


Mike H

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The top should screw onto the base. If not, it could be a friction fit and as long as you can get them apart, it should be a beautiful restore.
Thank you! So the first thing would be seperating the two halves and getting a look at what's going on there? Is there any type of adhesive or anything that was used between the halves or was the fit just tight through friction or a screw?
That's a nice handle. I have a two piece lucite handle that separated like that. It had adhesive holding the two pieces together. I've used the same two part epoxy I use to set knots to put a handle back together. Just be careful or you'll have epoxy oozing out of the seam.
Ty. It's def a friction post. Looks like the seperation is mainly due to a bit of the red lucite is still adhered to the top part...and it can only fit down in an exact spot and be flat. Think I'm going to have to Dremel it flat and epoxy it back.
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