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Can These Razors Be Fixed? How?

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Both of these razors are offered on eBay. I'm not terribly interested in either of them except as objects to educate me about honing and vintage razors.

The top razor is said by the vendor to be unevenly ground. This photo shows the unevenness better than the other photos I think.

Bad Grind.jpg

Without going to extremes, can the razor above be fixed or honed? What would it take to hone it properly or make it useable?

Below is a Wade. To me, it is clear that the spine on this side is way worn down, but I'm not sure that means it can't be properly honed as the ends the spine towards the toe and heel would perhaps keep the edge at the correct angle for proper honing?

Worn Spine.jpg

Or, is the W&B razor past its useful lifespan?

I'm trying to learn about these old razors so I can be an informed vintage razor buyer.

Any expert help?

Thanks and happy shaves,

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