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Can someone tell me what kind of razor this is?

This was my grandfather's razor (he died in the 60s before I was born). I've treasured it these many years as a personal artifact of his, but never though it was something one might actually make use of... Lo and behold, when I decided to solve "the shaving problem" a year ago, I discovered that this was the type of razor that many suggested using. I shave with it every so often when I want to use a DE, and it gives great shaves. It requires a little more attention to detail than my Merkur 1904, but less than my straight razors.

I'm assuming it's a Gilette adjustable, but does anyone recognize its vintage or type? It would be nice to know exactly what it is and what part of his life it is from. Thanks in advance.
That's a Gillette Slim Adjustable razor. Check the bottom for a date code and post it here -- then we can tell you the date of manufacture. It's most likely from the 1960's. Nice razor... many people on this forum use them.
Thanks! No numbers there except H and 2 on either side of where the handle is mounted. Otherwise, it just says stuff about the patent, and has the Gilette logo that is really hard to read because it appears to have a line through it.
Thank you so much, this would make sense since I believe he died in 1963. Of all the "heirlooms" I have bought for myself and which I may pass on someday to the next generation, this is the only one actual heirloom that has ever been passed to me.
How nice that you have something to remember your Grandfather by--and that you can actually use. What a cool way to feel linked to an important part of your past.

Thanks for sharing this.
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