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Can someone I.D. this brush ? It has a Bear! A BEAR!

Hi all,

Might anyone here be able to I.D. this Brush ? I have NO doubt a member of B&B will have the answer! At any rate, I saw this Brush posted on one of my Facebook Shaving Clubs. I REALLY like the style/shape of this Brush and besides, it has a cool looking Bear logo on the handle! A BEAR! Must own lol. 1575401554509.png

They are fantastic brushes, among my favorites. The handle is so intuitively grippy, and the Fanchurian knot is just about a perfect badger knot. Pick one up!
Grizzly Bay has a website, and did a custom order for me. Very nice work! Saw a recent one with white and purple swirled acrylic with copper flakes . . . he has handle drops every week or two on Facebook as well.