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Can someone help me ID the proper case for this razor?

I am looking to fill the set. I think it is either a smaller leather case with room for razor and blade cases or a larger leather traveler type case with additional soap and brush tubes. If the latter would it have "Traveler" printed on the liner with a mirror? Or not either of those? Where was this made?

I have looked at all my saved resources but can't seem to pin down the exact case configuration that this Gold Bulldog would have been shipped with.

Gold Bulldog SN D155454 on the top of the baseplate, Known the World Over Gillette Diamond logo on the bottom of the baseplate lower right hand corner, no "Made In" stamp.

Thanks all!Gold Bulldog D155454 KTWO diamond logo.jpg
Hello, should be Boston made, is there no patent on the lower smooth band? The case is the small black box with two metal or cardboard? blade cases or the combination box with mirror and gold plated fittings, but no Traveler print (that’s the New improved version).
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