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Can someone describe(give an opinion) the "Persona Blue" blades?

Are they a well made blade?
Are they aggressive, medium or mild?
What are comparable blades?
What is a reasonable price for them?

Opinions please?
I love them. They're smooth, sharp, and what I really like is that they have a great longevity; on average a blade lasts me about 7-10 shaves easy. I bought a 100 pack 2 years ago (almost 3 now) and I still have at least 1/4 of then left. So if you are looking for a recommendation (sorry about the bad spelling, my phone does not have spell check) you have it from me!
I've been working through 100 of them.

For my beard/technique I don't think they are as sharp as a feather, but they do seem to stay sharp longer. I think they are a good blade, comparable with a Gillette 7 o clock black. One thing I have experienced has been a few bad blades in my batch. Maybe 2 so far, reckon I'm half way through the 100.

Personally, I'd buy 100 blacks or feathers in preference, but with blades, its very much a personal thing..
Give the Personna med preps a try. They are my go to. For me, with the hardware and software I use, they perform better than the blues.
I have been a dedicated Feather user for four or five years, and a couple threads paired with some additional research lead me to give the Lab Blues a try, and I am very pleased. I can't say positively with evidence that they are as sharp as Feathers, however my subjective "feel" if you will is that they are very close, if not as sharp. I do believe them to be smoother, especially on earlier shaves (versus Feathers taking two or so to get "broken in). As you may have seen by searching threads here, there is some controversy as to whether the Lab Blues are the same as the Med Preps. I haven't tried the Med Preps and doubt I will given the wallet-friendly price of the Lab Blues, along with my satisfaction of their quality. Hope this helps!
There are so many good blades...Lab Blues are a consistent favorite, and the price is excellent. They are not as good as Feathers, IMHO, but you can't go wrong with these.
+1 on all that's been said to this point. I don't believe you'll be disappointed or feel you've overspent on quality. In fact, the odds are good you'll consider them a bargain. And it won't hurt a thing that you'll be doing your part to keep the last US manufacturer turning out great product.
The Personna blues were my first 100 blade purchase. They're sharp and stay that way for a good while. I usually change the blade after 4-5 shaves though I could get a few more shaves. These blades feel smoother than any other blade to me, much smoother than the Feather blades I tried. I think I picked up the box for around $12 off Amazon a little less than a year ago.
Just bought some yesterday and gave them a run today. Good close shave. Still new to wet shaving so my neck is little irritated. Over all a very close shave. Great price; $14 for 100 qty.
Good combo of sharp and smooth but a significant step below Feather in sharpness for me. I've tried them in many razors and have found them on par with MedPreps and Polsilvers.
I never used Personna Blues... I wonder if anyone in their experience could compare them to Astras?
About all I can say is I like 'em both. I think the Blues might be a bit sharper, but I haven't done any kind of scientific comparison. My guess is that if you like Astras, you will probably like Blues, at least as much. They're cheap enough --- give 'em a try.
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