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Can some please help me to identify this razor? Brit. NEW or Frankenrazor?

Hello gents,

Here's something that I bought on ebay:

It seems to me that it is a Brit. NEW inside a 7 O'Clock case. According to this image, the head is a Brit. NEW long comb head.

The thing is, I never seen a Brit. NEW with this type of handle (it looks like a Ball-End Tech handle).
Do this razors came with this type of handle? Or is this some kind of "frankenrazor"? Can someone help me, and put some light in to this?

Thank you very much for your attention!
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That is a Brit NEW comb and cap but the handle belongs to a Tech. If you find the handle you will have a really nice looking set, for sure
I have a British New with the original handle, and, unless you are a collector, you may be better off with what you have. The handle that came with mine is quite slim and detracts from an otherwise very nice shave. That handle looks a bit thicker, and would be more to my preference. Not original, but may be an improvement. YMMV.
I believe you are right. I recently received a 7 O'Clock also (which has a similar head) and this "Frankie razor" :D is heavier because of the thicker handle (59g against the 46g of the 7 O'Clock). The extra weight may be a nice thing. And I like this handle.

Here you can see both of them, side by side:

In this image, the 7 O'Clock head is the second one counting from the right; and the Brit. NEW "Frankie" is the third, counting from the right also. The heads are the same, only with different markings.