Can Naniwa whetstones and Coticules last a lifetime?

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    If you store your whetstones like Naniwa's and Coticules dry and use them every now and then to touch up your straight razor, can they last a lifetime? Or will the oxygen cause cracks in the stone in the long run?
  1. Not sure about the other stones but cotis can for sure.
  2. Coticules will last so long as you don't drop them typical wear aside. Some synth waterstones warp or craze over time, others not so much.
  3. If synt waterstones warp or craze, does this affect honing performance?
  4. I think it depends on how you take care of them and how often you use them. Keep them straight and even and clean. Use them often enough so they don't feel neglected. I have a set of Naniwa stones and they are in good shape.
  5. In the past, when I was trying to do dilucot a lot more frequently; I put pretty considerable wear on a number of coticules. But just using one is a finisher, it should last a lifetime or darn near it. I can’t comment on the naniwa. My Sigma power stone certainly seem like they’d be fine for a lifetime, But the longest I ever kept a naniwa was maybe a year.

    The synthetic hones that I expect to last a lifetime for me, are my DMT plates.
  6. As far as warping and crazing goes, my Naniwas seem to get more stable with age. The 1k Chosera is really the only one that has thinned measurably from use. I expect that for most people they would last a lifetime.
  7. Just got a Coti in the mail with a name & date scratched in the side June 1906, even after lapping I think this stone will outlast me!
    Synths ????
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    We need pics!

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