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Can I reuse my Colonel Conk wooden shaving bowl?

The original cake of Colonel Conk shaving soap I put in the wooden bowl is almost gone. Do I need to dry out the wooden shaving bowl before I put my other cake of Colonel Conk shaving soap in it? Or is it best I buy a new bowl? Or can I just rinse it out and put the new cake of shaving soap in it, without drying the bowl?

I had to google the bowl, thats a great looking bowl, with a lid to boot! Yes to reuse, yes to rinse it clean, dry, and plunk a new puck of conk in it. And if you fancy something else? Plunk something else in it (if it doesn't fit, grate/shave it down and squish it in) and enjoy it.
Unless you want to use it for your peanuts, sweets. The missus wants it for jewelry I would definitely hand wash and hand dry it and stick some new soap in.
The insignia on the hat is a very nice touch; it's noticed and appreciated. :ouch1:

:a39:Well. Re: the question, I did have a MWF puck get moldy once ... it could happen. Pink stuff, had to scrape it off.

Stuck a Lisa's Naturals in my last empty wooden bowl. It's lacquered.

Nope. Not possible. See reply #8.....

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Nope. Not possible. See reply #8.....

:a39:I live in a swamp. What can I tell you ... strike matches off a passing gator's head, etc.

Mold grows here reeeeellll quick-like. Things don't even have to be dead to get mold, just standing still.

That MWF stopped rolling; that was it's problem.

Col. Conk. :letterk1: Now which side did he fight for?

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