Can anyone recommend a first Fatip?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Tostig, May 22, 2019.

    I want to try out this Fatip thing, especially since they're not costly. Seems to be a fair number of different models - any suggestion on which one to try? I prefer mid-level aggressiveness, not too mild and not over the top aggressive. As a reference point, I prefer plate R4 on my 6s. Also, smaller is better.
  1. naughtilus

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    Fatip Piccolo SE has both plates, the open comb and solid bar.

  2. I would go with what @naughtilus recommended or just get the Fatip Grande Testina Gentile. Despite the name, the Gentile is still mid-aggressive. I shaved with it this morning and I would compare it to the Razorock GC68 in aggressiveness. The Fatip Piccolo or Grande with open comb are a very different beast and I would not recommend that as a learning experience...get the technique dialed in with the Gentile and then try the open comb.
  3. I would give you the same suggestion.
  4. Third recommendation for this kit.

    I have a friend my Grande to borrow as an introduction to wetshaving because of how smooth and intuitive it can be. Just need to be paying attention.
  5. Schone OC in nickel. Made by Fatip.
  6. I'll quadruple the SE recommendation. You seem ready for a Piccolo, and they're really not that aggressive IMO. In fact, if you want in on-the-cheap, grab a standard Piccolo for only 20 bucks.
  7. I would recommend Fatip Piccolo. Based on personal experience.
  8. Another recommendation for the Piccolo Special Edition, provided you don't mind that the coating can wear out. Otherwise, since you like smaller razors, I would recommend the regular Piccolo. IMHO, it is not over the top aggressive and it will give you a different experience from the Rockwell (positive blade exposure, minimal blade gap).
  9. ajkel64

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    None, Fatip’s and I don’t get on.
  10. Special edition piccolo comes with both heads, and the handle is awesome.

    Connaught has the best price, even shipped to the USA.
  11. +1:thumbup1:
  12. +1 for the SE
  13. Bear in mind that when it's a choice of handles you can always fit a 2 stud top cap with a M5 thread (most Chinese heads) or 10-32 thread (Old Type etc. etc.) and then use any common M5 razor handle. Shown here a Yintal Bronze top cap and a choice of titanium and Yintal handles, both with the Fatip bottom plate. Fatip uses a M4.5 thread which is unusual.

    Fatip Titanium1.jpg Fatip+Yintal1.jpg
  14. I like the Piccolo Mk2 in Nickel finish; the newer cap has tamed the blade exposure. The Special Edition black chrome finish is not robust and chips off in use. The edges of the caps have a very thin finish and soon wear off.
  15. naughtilus

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    Yesterday I shaved with the Grande mk2 after a week of shaving with mk1 and I used it faster and easier than I would use a Gillette Fusion. Amazing razor. I have it in nickel and gold, no plate loss in 2 years with frequent use. Black and chrome will likely have more plate loss.
  16. +12 on the SE.
    I prefer the OC plate, as I found the Gentile too aggressive. It looks bad to the bone and has not left my rotation since I got it.
  17. Before you purchase a Fatip, I suggest you review this video by Brad Maggard of Maggard Razors. Maggard sells the razors in his shop, but he wants his customers to be well informed. His video review does a good job of representing both the positive and negative aspects of the razors.


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