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Can anyone Identify this sewing machine.

I was given this machine a while ago was able to use it once thanks to my 8th grade home economics course, but now I'm trying to track down the manual for it or a similar model and not having any luck. Any ideas?
Pic 1
Pic 2
Probably a Brother sewing machine made in Japan. They made many similar models. If you can email the company with the serial number, they can probably identify it for you.


Sorry, I can’t see the pictures as when I hit the link it wants me to sign into Google.
Hopefully someone else can help you out.


I'd say yeah... Brother. I used to sell sewing machines for Sears back in the 80s, and used to know all this crap! LOL! 40 years does something to the memory, ya know?

I am not positive who the Classic brand was made for, but I think it was Montgomery Wards.
This is a UNIVERSAL Streamliner Sewing Machine Model SL that was most likely made during the 1950's but you can find some early versions of them in black and gold from the early 1900's and they were at one point made in Japan.