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Can Anyone ID This Razor?

I picked this one up today in hopes of using the handle with my 3-piece Gillettes. As it turns out the threads aren’t 5mm-0.80mm like the Gillettes. Oh well.

This is a two piece razor where the handle is flared at the very top to hold the bottom plate in place. The top cap is wider than the bottom plate, and the threaded stud screws into the handle tightening everything up.

There is no makers’ mark on it, and it’s made of brass.
That's interesting, it looks very much like a Barbasol or Cooper. I believe the head is Zamac?
I cleaned it up with Dawn Power Wash dish spray and a tooth brush and the bottom plate is Zamac. The corners of it have been dinged and the metal underneath is dark gray colored. The top cap is brass, it has a small spot where the plating is peeling and I can see brass underneath.

It turns out the threads are the same as the Gillette's. I tried an old slim top cap Gillette with the two guide pins and it threaded right on. The combs on the bottom plate look the same as a short comb Gillette. (A King C. top cap screws onto it, too.)

Before cleaning it I tried the top cap from a Tech. The Tech top cap stopped turning because it has alignment bars on it, not the two guide pins. (Literally trying to put a square peg in a round hole.:blush:)
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