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Can anyone comment on these Super Iridiums for sale?

Somehow I get a feeling this post may be violating a forum rule or something. I looked for the rules and couldn't find them, so I'm just gonna go for it, and if it's in violation, I apologize and accept it being taken down by a mod.

After building up a nice horde of Polsilvers, I got it in my head to try to find some of the original Lodz super iridiums, which I've read are (a) at least as good as the Polsilvers, (b) possibly better, and/or (c) exactly the same great product.

On eBay I found an item for sale that I can't quite suss out. It may be the elusive Lodz blades. Or it may be something else, but either way it doesn't look like my Polsilvers. But here's the punchline: it's ridiculously, insanely cheap: 250 blades for $43, which is $0.17 a blade, or half the cost of Polsilvers. If these are Polsilvers or better, I'm definitely going to buy some.

Here is the link:
Super Iridium Polsilver Double Edge Wizamet Razor Blades 250 Pcs Count/tracking 3014260318024 | eBay

I would really appreciate if someone could weigh in on what these are and why they might be so inexpensive. Thanks.
I bought these from the seller. They’re the real deal. One of my absolute favorite blades. I find them smoother than the new Polsilvers but many seem to think they’re the same thing just in different packaging so maybe it’s a placebo effect.

Iridium Super
These look like some Wizamet SIs that I have here. If they were made in Poland before production was transferred to Russia, then they are terrific IMHO!! :a14::a14:
I haven't used them, but even if they were "only" the current PPI Polsilvers repackaged, that would be a very good price in relation to current Polsilver bulk pricing. It's 17 cents USD a blade, vs the 25-30 I'm seeing everywhere else.
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but for clarification, last I checked we are allowed to comment on current auctions as long as they are a Buy it Now price. The intention of the rule on not commenting on ongoing auctions is so that people aren't using this forum to direct people to their ongoing auctions with the intention of getting more money for their item. Being a buy it now price you should be good.

In terms of the Wizamets they are very good blades. My understanding being that they are similar in feel to Polsilvers. Some friends I have prefer them over the Polsilvers as they say they get better longevity out of them.
I have a large supply of these bought many years ago and they are my go to blade. I've tried Polsilvers which were not quite as smooth in my opinion.
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