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Can a Vintage Shell Strop be Made Ineffective by Sanding and Polishing?

I'm restoring a CCCP Certifyd Shell. Turning out really well but it made me wonder if there is a break off point on the finish. I saw a video on the web of a restoration where the restorer was actually buffing a strop. Can you make them too smooth?
My thinking and understanding of what a strop is doing when a blade is stropped on it, is that a strop cannot be too smooth.

In this thread, we will see if I am right.
If you sand too much away you'll get through the skin/shell material into the suede/flesh material and THAT will change the strop significantly

But if you don't do that, you'll change the feel of the strop, but no you can't make it too smooth. I think (ideally) the natural texture of the leather itself is doing the work, more than any tooth left from sanding.
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