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Campari & Soda ??

Never tasted one. Hence, first question: What does this taste like?

Second: Is it one part Campari, two parts club soda with a citrus twist, over ice?

Ahhh. My wife and I were introduced to the Aperol Spritz in Barcelona one summer, and have enjoyed them since. However, this beverage is not made with club soda, but with Cava, the Catalan sparkling white wine. We have also had it in other places made with Prosecco. A slice of orange, and an olive garnish are our preference. My wife also likes a pinch of salt in hers. We were in an Italian restaurant this weekend when we ordered two. The waitress must have been knew, and she said that they did not have any club soda, but when she asked the owner if he made them, he said that they do, but with Prosecco, thankfully. It is a really refreshing warm weather drink. Campari is more bitter than Aperol.
Bitter sweet. Very addictive, very summer. Lovely drink. One part to 2-3 parts soda and a twist of lemon, lime or orange. Lump of ice but not more.
They taste bitter, sweet, aromatic, and Italian. Refreshing. Stomach soothing. Appetite increasing.

I think of Aperol Spritzs as having both sparkling wine and sparkling water in them. The same company makes Campari and Aperol.
The way I had it in Italy was 1 part Campari, 1 part sweet Vermouth, and a splash of club soda. It was garnished with a lemon peel. It was called "Americano." There were many different recipes for serving Campari. My late father loved a Negroni. Equal parts of Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth.


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I've never measured it. I just pour a slug of Campari over the ice, top up the glass with soda, and finish with a squeeze of lemon or lime (usually lemon). Quite refreshing.

If you like Campari, it's a nice, light cocktail. If you don't like Campari, you won't be able to dump it down the drain quickly enough.
Finally bought a bottle of Campari. Have not yet tried it. Waiting for a warm day. Rather expensive. $32 a bottle at the local liquor store. Ouch.
Little goes a long way! Enjoy it! We were at a little Italian place last night which serves an Italian aperitif with Prosecco, Campari, an orange slice garnish, served in a sugar rimmed wine glass.


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I love Campari, but yes it is pricey. Several of my Campari go to's are listed above (the Americano & Negroni, or simply 1 Campari to 2/3 tonic) but my favorite is the Boulevardier, made with Rye rather than the standard bourbon.


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You might want to shop around a bit. I can usually find it under $30. I suppose taxation may account for some difference (or may not), but it might be worth checking options.

As mentioned, though, a little can go a long way (unless you like the stuff as much as I do).
Interesting. Campari prices seem to have crept up. I can get it locally for about $24, but many stores around here seem to list it for $32. (Aperol, made by the same folks, is less expensive.)
Interesting. Campari prices seem to have crept up. I can get it locally for about $24, but many stores around here seem to list it for $32. (Aperol, made by the same folks, is less expensive.)
I was just talking with someone about this, I've noticed Campari prices definitely have crept up in the last year or two. Which is a bummer, its such a great liqueur but I'm just less inclined to buy it when its close to $30.


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Here in the Great Lakes State liquor prices are fixed by the State Liquor Control Commission. Minimum shelf price for Campari is $30.99/750 ml.
Just had one the other night. Two ounces of Campari, then filled the rest of the glass with Club Soda and ice. Didn't have a lime on hand so I mixed in some Orange bitters. Once you get used to the bitterness of Campari, it's quite nice. Good summer drink. I'm also a fan of the Boulevardier (Campari, bourbon, sweet Vermouth). Pimm's No. 1 is another good Campari-like aperitif, maybe a little sweeter.
Aperol is sweeter and has roughly half the ABV of Campari.
True. 11 percent versus 23 percent in the US, Google tells me. And they are not really substitutes for most purposes. I personally consider Aperol a much less serious beverage. Interestingly, Wikipedia says Aperol and Campari have the same sugar content, but Campari is more bitter. But other sources refer to Aperol as more sweet. I would have said more sweet and way less bitter.
Timely thread for me and I appreciate all the replies thus far. The reason it's timely is I just spotted an advertisement for it in an old 1971 magazine I've been reading and wondered about it.

From what's posted here I don't think I'd like it but may give it a try one day just to be sure.

Not tried Campari for many a year. I do remember it being rather good with soda water.

Also never tried Aperol but I have heard good things about Lidl's version of it called Bitterol which I saw yesterday selling for £7.99. Might pick up a bottle

Drinks like Campari & Soda have modest alcohol, hence you can drink one or two without making a fool of yourself. Probably. Some folks can do that sober, of course.
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