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  1. Cal

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    :laugh: I had no idea the Royal Bank of Canada dealt in razor blades Clay.
  2. Esox

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    The RBC is not above charging huge rates for most things either!
  3. Razor Blade Club.

    Though I'm sure if your a large enough depositor you could get Royal Bank of Canada to get blades for you, though the prices would not be what I quoted!
  4. Cal

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  5. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    It's Christmas again!

    I saw this in the BST and HAD TO HAVE IT! Thank you @TimS :thumbsup: (I hope you don't mind me using your photo). It landed this morning. I like a bit of danger in my life, but when inspecting the toe through my 10X loupe it looked even sharper than in the photo above.

    So I did a little muting:

    Please excuse the weird lighting in the photo above. I took a few pics of the razor when it arrived but the lighting was all over the place, hence me using Tim's photo. The scales are a very nice transparent emerald green. They look blue in Tim's photo. In the photos I took they look black and various other colors so I gave up on that.

    I did my standard "right cheek and jawline" SR trial. Brilliant! This is the sharpest SR I've used to date... it's sharper than a Schick Proline blade! I did ask Tim how he'd sharpened it. His reply was "I honestly don't remember last honing and how i did it. I have a bunch of razors and stones and mix it up quite a bit."
    That made me think he'd be a prime candidate for BOSC membership. :crazy: :laugh:

    I'm still very much of a rookie in the SR scene but I believe having a very sharp razor at last will encourage me to get into it properly... hopefully similarly to the way Jim @Chan Eil Whiskers has proceeded.

    Once I'd finished my nice little trial I continued with my SOTD.

    Brush: Tiny Shavemac Silvertip D01 2-Band
    Soap: Proraso Red tub
    Razor: Fatip Butterscotch
    Blade: Personna Red (4)
    ASL: Proraso Red

    I'm glad I've tried so many different (and some quite expensive) shaving soaps. Proraso Red remains my all time favorite and I'd be quite happy with only that (till Mike @Esox or Jim come up with their next greatest of course :001_rolle).

    I've had a great day in shaving land and am enjoying how my BBS skin feels, not to mention the faint remnants of the good ol' Proraso Red sandalwood scent.

    Happy shaves all y'all. :punk:
  6. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    Very nice looking razor, Cal. Since it's really sharp that's a huge bonus. I'm glad to hear you muted that point. I found out the hard way that they may not get you right away, but when the point gets you it gets you big time. I may end up having a little scar.

    Does the third (middle) pin go all the way through or is it just for cosmetics? I like the look of those scales particularly in emerald green. I like the fancy embellishment on the non-pivot end. I know there's a name for that embellishment but I've misplaced it.

    Happy shaves,

  7. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    You like thin and slick Cal. Two words, Mama Bears. :)
  8. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank you Jim. :001_smile
    It's a spacer pin (or plug) apparently. Having read your post about the blade sneaking through the bottom of the scales on one of your SRs, I thought it might have been a shank stop (to prevent that happening), but no.
    I like the embellishments on the wedge end too.:001_cool: I've looked but haven't found the name for them. :001_unsur
  9. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    You know I like your recommendations Mike, but their cheapest shipping rate to the UK is $26.80 (USPS First Class). :001_huh:
  10. That's a real pretty looking razor Cal, and sharp to boot. Congratulations :001_smile
    Now it's time to learn how to use it, and then we can sort out your Hoshi Tombo.

    Soon DE's will be a novelty. :001_tt2:
  11. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank you Doug. :001_smile
    You're right.:yesnod: I need to find out how to stop being such an idle git. :001_huh:
    That sounds good. How long were you DEing before your move to SRs Doug, and how did the move happen?
  12. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    Shhhh, don't tell everyone.
  13. Well, DE's and myself never really got along, exception was my Feather AS-D2. Used that for the best part of a year and trying (failing) with some other razors.

    Injectors are a whole other ball game. The shaves were so good it got boring.
    I guess I was using Injectors for over six months when I persuaded SWMBO to get me a Feather SS for my birthday.
    That was a game changer.

    The rest is history as they say.

    I still love my Injectors, like Jim. But SR shaving is much more satisfying.
    Frustrating to start, and learning to hone doesn't make it any easier.
    But it's worth it.

    Once I started with the Feather SS there was no turning back.
  14. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    I did wonder about the shipping rate Cal and whether or not you'd need to pay a VAT or....something else on top.

    They've gone beyond the novelty stage to the frustrating and aggravating stage for me lol.
  15. I've heard them referred to as bolsters before.
  16. To my ears, saying DE is a novelty for shaving, is like saying bread is a novelty food. After nearly 30 years of shaving that way, I can't imagine shaving regularly without it.
  17. Finial?
  18. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    That's the word. Thanks.
  19. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    I can get a good enough shave with several of my DE razors, but I can't get a total BBS shave with any razor most of the time, and getting a good shave with any razor requires me to do a number of passes. Not just two or three passes but maybe half a million‽

    The interrobang was intentional of course and whimsical.

    The issue for me becomes getting a good enough shave while doing limited damage. So far what I like best about straight razor shaving besides it being cool, macho, fun, and satisfying is how comfortable the shaves are, but I'm noticing more and more that my shaves are becoming closer and smoother. Maybe that's experience and technique (I'm about 180 shaves into the SR) and maybe it's also sharper razors. They've got to be sharp!

    I will try some safety razors in the not to very distant future if I can make myself do so, purely as an experiment to see if my shaving with them improves as a result of what I've learned shaving with a SR. I've read this happens and kinda sorta believe it makes sense that it would, but I've not tested the notion. I should. I don't really want to, but I should.


    Shallow safety razor shaving doesn't work for me though. That means, shaving steep, the whiskers are cut at an angle so their ends are pointed and stick me whereas flat cut straight razor cut whiskers are blunt and comfortable. If that makes sense.

    I'm a long way from BBS with the SR, but I still like its shaves better than the safety shaves even though my safety shaves are probably closer and smoother (and also more than punji sticks)

    Happy shaves,

  20. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Seeing that this is my thread, I've just given myself permission to sound off.

    WHY do people put question marks (and interrobangs for that matter) after STATEMENTS?
    Currently this seems to be a popular thing. Have the rules of grammar changed? Then of course we have the balancing act where a question is completed by a full stop (period in US speak) or an exclamation mark!

    If I wasn't already crazy it would drive me there for sure. :letterk1:

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