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  1. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    I can think of quite a few words to describe the scent of Proraso Red, but understated isnt one of them lol.
  2. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    I understand the YMMV aspect Mike, and I'd like to hear a few of those descriptive words from your point of view please. :001_smile
  3. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    Strong. Heavy. Thick. Musky. Unrefined. Sweet. Wonderful.

    I like the scent, but to me its very strong and quite heavy. I still remember when I shaved with it before going out to a steakhouse for supper one night last year. I could still smell it, clearly, while I was eating my Rib eye, 2 or 3 hours after I shaved. Understated, just doesnt fit in my experience.

    When it comes to a Sandalwood type scent, of the few I have smelled, Captains Choice is head and shoulders above all. CC Sandalwood I'd describe as; Refined. Deep. Rich. Smoldering. Smoky. Understated. Elegant. Needless to say, I really like it. My tub of CC 45th Parallel is almost gone too... I highly suspect CRS Indian Sandalwood will better it though.

    Remember what I said of PdP 63 on my first use of it too;

    I still get that underlying scent too but its still a stronger citrus top note. With the exception of my CRS Wild Rose, PdP 63 has the most refined scent profile I've smelled.

    Reading over that again now I'm reminded of Tabac. Proraso Red had the same kind of sharpness as Tabac does but I didnt recoil away from the Proraso like I did Tabac. I gave my Proraso Red to my nephew after 5 or 6 shaves with it though. It was just too strong for me to live with consistently.
  4. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    I had to get my tub out of the bathroom to check. And yes, with my nose right up against the soap I agree with you (maybe not so much on the "sweet" bit though). But when I'm shaving, and after the shave I find it understated and it's gone completely in less than an hour for me.

    I appreciate your descriptions. I'm somewhat "scent description challenged." :001_rolle
    And for me the PdP 63 was MILES too strong and sickly.

    It's funny to think that one scent I'd hardly notice whereas another would knock me over in an unpleasant way would probably work out vice versa for you.
    :laugh: Vive la différence! :punk:
  5. Well, you and I seem to be pole opposites with scents Cal.
    I can't stand the scent of my Proraso Red in a tube. I'm guessing it's exactly the same as the tub?
    And I do like the scent of the PdP 63.
    It's not that I don't like Sandalwood, I love the scent of CRS Indian Sandalwood.

    Maybe the next time I mail something to you Cal, I'll put in my tube of red. :001_smile
  6. I think just replying +1 is lame and a "low effort" post, I'll instead say Plus One ;-)

    Proraso Red rocks! I'm trying to kill off my tub of RR Zi' Peppino, but two or three days a week I switch it up. Proraso Red will get tomorrow's shave with the Proraso Professional brush and Proraso Blue Balm. I still need to get a bottle of the Red splash when I go into town.
  7. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

  8. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Yep, they cure the tube soap for three days and the tub soap for ten.
    I actually have a full tube of Red and I can't see me using it because I now prefer using soaps (and croaps). In fact you've jogged my memory... I've just taken the lid(s) off my CRS Classic Almond, weighed it, and put it in my "soap curing cupboard" for however long it takes it to become croap. Thanks! :thumbsup:

    And moving on to SR scales (just like that), I was wondering if you would make me some for my W58 mini... once I've finished playing with the blade? I have 3mm perspex in the colors I'd like for the scales and the wedge. It's kinda looking like the W60 might take some time getting here, and I think I might like the existing wooden scales on it anyway. What do you say Doug?
  9. Using the C operand "++" would be considered what? :001_302:
  10. That's so 80s. I'm a +=1 type of guy now (python)
  11. I became a network administrator, so started using text identification and modification tools, Microsoft scripting, and pretty much no other programming. So ++ would indicate my age pretty well. I might start using it. :p
  12. I think I'm older. I did C and assembler programming in the early to mid 80s, but now I mainly do Perl, Python, and shell scripting. I can't do the Microsoft scripting, so I just drop a Busybox executable in my path and script Unix-style in Windows.
  13. I started learning BASIC programing in 1981 at a Radio Shack. The manager let a 15 yr. old kid (me) use the TRS-80 during the day. I guess because I was learning BASIC and not playing on it. Went to college for a CIS degree that was heavily into programming, but only my first job used it.

    The "text identification and modification tools" I mentioned were UNIX commands like GREP that were ported to DOS.
  14. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    Interesting how we all interpret the same scents differently.
  15. Cal

    Cal Contributor


    Tiny Shavemac D01 2-Band Bulb
    Soap: Proraso Red
    Razor: Fatip Butterscotch
    Blade: Feather (2)
    ASL: Proraso Red
    upload_2019-4-13_21-51-7.png :001_wub:

    Another really nice shave today. :punk:

    Since my third use of Wickham 1912 shaving soap on December 23, 2018 it's the first time I've treated myself to a post-shave lather, wonderful! Although I like the Wickham 1912 a lot it tended to dry quickly on the post-shave lathers and left my face feeling a bit uncomfortable – so I stopped the post-shave lathers and it was fine. Proraso Red, we love you.

    A while back when Jim @Chan Eil Whiskers received his upgraded brush from Thäter... I thought it looked like an ideal face latherer (though maybe a bit on the soft side). I know it wasn't Jim's cup of tea and he traded it shortly after receiving it. The look of the brush fascinated me so I boldly went ahead and ordered my first ever bulb from Bernd at Shavemac. Of course it had to be tiny with great backbone and scrub so D01 2-Band it was, and I even managed to get it via the Shavemac Configurator (rather than the Custom route).

    It's an 18mm knot as opposed to the custom 16mm knot of my D01:
    ~Actual Size. Please excuse the blurry pic. :blushing:

    When it's loaded I can swirl or paint even more accurately than with my 16mm D01. So my 18mm D01 2-Band is now my new favorite.

    Talking about favorites I think my next DE blade will be my old love Personna Red. I would like to try a Timor again as that was the first I tried when I got into the DE lark, as it came with my first DE razor, and it was wonderful. The problem is that the cheapest Timors I can find are from Connaught which will cost me £5.70 ($7.50) for ten including shipping. Aw shucks, I've just pressed the buy-it-now button anyway. :001_rolle
  16. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    Holy cow, that's an expensive blade, Cal. You sure that's not for a hundred?

    Very cute brush set!
  17. Tokyospike

    Tokyospike Contributor

    Good lord. My first programming language was 360/370 Assembler. Did lots of work in shell scripts - VAX/VMS before K-Shell. C and Java were the last real languages I used (though I still do quite a bit with SQL . . .).
  18. My first compiled language to learn was FORTRAN, learned COBOL, C, and C++ as well.
  19. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Positive! Ten only (arrived today).
    For a mere £5.70 ($7.50). I'm looking forward to using one again, after 3½ years. :001_smile
    Thank you Jim. :001_smile
  20. RBC has 10 for $5.69 and 100 for $37.95. Shipping is 2.89 GBP though, but free on 100 blades if I read everything correctly.

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