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Calling all Louisiana members

Louisiana won the Little League World Series (LLWS)!:thumbsup:

"I think Little League is wonderful. It keeps the kids out of the house: and parents off the streets". Yogi Berra
I was in downtown New Orleans this afternoon. Apparently the Art of Shaving store connected to Rubensteins at St. Charles and Canal has closed. Sadly, New Orleans becomes more of a wet shaving desert. West Coast Shaving should open a branch called Gulf Coast Shaving.
They are still open. They sell only Merkur blades "because they're the best." They sell 2 Merkur razors. And besides their house brand they sell only the big Brits for soaps and creams, excluding TOBS because "It's become such a discount brand." And to top it off they now do their hot towel shaves with a cartridge razor. I find them arrogant and way overpriced.
That being said, I wouldn't mind working there.
Well, it's always nice to do a sniff and smell of all the products then go to Juan's Flying Burrito for lunch.
Wow! I just stopped buying. Trying to cure my RAD!

I'm in Springfield at the end of the road in the Swamp and Natalbany River.
If one of you stopped by the estate sale and got the razors fess up.

I stopped by over the lunch hour and they were already sold. I ask one of the works what they sold for he said $4 each.

You got to love the way estate sales price things.
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