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Café Acquisition Thread

after years of hand grinding with my hario skerton, I broke down and bought a Baratza Vario. This lead to an Intention to delve into espresso so a Rancilio Silvia is on my hunting list. :)


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Picked up the following items during the week. A Melitta 1x4 pour over coffee maker with Melitta carafe and a hand crank coffee grinder. The Melitta carafe and pour over came from a second hand shop in Wagga Wagga and the grinder came from the Salvation Army Opportunity Shop here in town. The grinder was half price for $1.00 so I couldn’t refuse. I paid $15.00 for the Melitta with the carafe. Someone has used a Kambrook filter as the coffee filter. It fits and is the same colour. The filter had Kambrook CMF1 on the side. I’m assuming it means Kambrook Coffee Machine Filter 1. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. Later today maybe.