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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by jzuzphreek, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. TexLaw

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    20180524_114520.jpg 20180524_114527.jpg

    The FedEx man just dropped off all this. Time to start playing!
  2. That's an awesome shipment Tex. Happy Roasting!
  3. Successful day at the thrift stores today.

    One of the coffee scores is this Melitta 4 cup auto drip. Says Hong Kong so a bit old.

    Brew water was at 190° which is pretty amazing.

    Made a pretty decent small pot of coffee


  4. Another successful day at the thrifts....

    Capresso burr grinder.

  5. Another successful day at the thrifts

    Bodum pour over

    Still wet from washing

  6. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    I didn't get pics, and it wasn't for me, but I got my father a Capresso Infinity conical burr coffee grinder for Father's Day. The first thing when he got home (he was visiting here on Father's Day) was make some coffee. He said it was much better than what he has been using. I was worried- I wasn't sure how good a grinder I would get for my budget ($100 or so) last week, but he is extremely pleased.
  7. ajkel64

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    Great finds Mick, you must drink a hell of a lot of coffee.
  8. I literally just found almost this exact same one at a thrift shop for 4 dollars so I bought it based off your post. 20180803_122938.jpg
  9. Also how do you test brew water temperature? Does it mean temperature in the pot, in the basket, or where the water is poured toward the grounds?
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  10. I use a thermal pen digital and stick it in the brew water stream.
  11. 194 I think that'll work :001_302:
  12. Surprising how nice these little brewers are.
  13. A little change from the coffee posts of late :)
  14. Nero Black Coffee's Sempre blend.

  15. (Just saw this) Got these new burrs directly from the manufacturer SSP grinding in S. Korea. I added another collar post to make changing grind setting easier.
  16. Lever Licious.
  17. What a nice setup. Is machine #1 in yellow an open boiler design? Are they all electric powered? It must be fun deciding which machine to use.
  18. I don't have a picture, but my wife just surprised me with a pour over, my first one! I can't recall the brand but it was the one sold in Starbucks cafe's for around $5.99, and I love it, it works great! And it's super nice when you're lazy and want something better than a coffee maker, but something less work than a french press or Turkish coffee.

  19. The yellow one is a La Peppina. Like the concept but the materials (Zimac) used were inferior to the brass of the other two machines. Vintage lever espresso is another hobby I frequent from time to time. I sold all those machines and currently have 3 Faema Faemina machines similar to espresso machine on right of picture.
  20. I regret selling my cremena.

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