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Cadet / Matador / Pearl / RazoRock open comb (OC) vs ATT R1/R2

Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Cadet / Matador / Pearl / RazoRock open comb (OC) heads

  • Above The Tie (ATT) R1/R2 heads

  • They feel equally aggressive to me

  • I haven't used both razors

  • I'm not sure

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Which razor head feels/behaves more aggressive to you?

  • Cadet / Matador / Pearl / RazoRock open comb (OC)
  • Above The Tie (ATT) R1/R2 heads
  • They feel equally aggressive to me
  • I haven't used both razors
  • I'm not sure

With what razor blade?
Please assume that each razor is used with an "average blade". The rational is that this poll will result in a summary something along the lines of: "usually the average Razor X is more (or equally) aggressive than/to the average Razor Y for the average shaver" ... so we probably need to avoid a ranking that is dependent upon one specific blade.

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Why this poll?
This poll is part of a series of polls towards averaging out the subjective experiences of numerous shavers, through model-by-model comparison polls, into a list of Currently-Manufactured DE Razors Ranked According to User-Polled Aggressiveness on a Scale of 1 to 10.

For details and a complete list of open polls, please see our Wiki page on this project at:

Thank you for your time!

Are the ATT R1 or R2 baseplates actually more aggressive than the Cadet / Matador / Pearl / RazoRock open comb (OC)? Currently both voters to this poll think so.

This poll puts the ATT R1 and R2 at about the same ... and while nobody seems to actually think they feel the same, we have 5 votes on each side:

This poll currently puts the ATT R1 or R2 as just a bit more aggressive, or 0.5 point more than the Merkur slant (with the slant previously polled as defining our 5.5 midpoint) ... with 2 saying the slant is more aggressive, 3 saying the R1/R2 is more aggressive, and 2 saying they feel the same:

Also, this poll is currently putting the RazoRock OC at probably a good 1.0 point lower than the Fatip:

Obviously I'm not questioning anyone's individual votes. A razor feels how it feels. I'm just finding the results of this specific poll to be at odds with other polls, and so I find it interesting ... and I want to draw more attention to this poll in hopes that more people will vote :)

Thoughts though? Manufacturing variation? Differences in beard/skin/technique? Overly low sample size? Or just plain old YMMV? :blink:



So ... Fatip > (R1 ~= R2) > RR OC > RR Slab > Merkur slant

Which I guess works, but it's different than I thought from what I've read, and turns a small difference in the Merkur slant vs R1/R2 poll into a seemingly large 2.0 difference on the scale

I've also created a new poll at: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showth...AB-razor-head-vs-Merkur-slant-bar-razor-heads
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Final results are inconclusive. 0 for RazoRock OC and 3 for ATT R1/R2. 0 votes for equally aggressive. My best guess is that the ATT R1/R2 ?>? RazoRock OC ... But with such a tiny sample size we can't say that with much confidence.

Thank you though to the 3 B&B members who did vote! I'm sorry that this specific poll did not yield a solidly usable result....
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