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Cade Cedrat Eau de Toilette and Eau des Baux Eau de Toilette

I am not a frag guy at all. I am going to make my way over to Bassnotes and get even more confused...does anyone here have any experience with these from Cade. Any have suggestions with similar notes?
The brand for all of these is L'Occitane. Cade is an eau de toilette, along with Cedrat and Eau des Baux.

Pretty good scents for their price point. I'm currently using Eau des Baux, which is a nice, warm vanilla/spice scent. It's subtle, never overpowering, and I've been complimented on it. They had a Vetivier one that I really liked, but it was discontinued some time ago.

From the small sampling I've done, I'd wear Cade. Cedrat was too "lemony" for me.

If you're not a fragrance guy, L'Occitane is a real good place to start. You won't go broke buying the product, and there's not much danger in over applying. I'd recommend Eau des Baux to anyone.

L'Occitane Eau de Cedrat is a nice citrus scent that is perfect for summer. Unfortunately it being a citrus scent it doesn't stick around very long and that's just the way most citrus scents are. I really like it for what it is. Eau des Baux is a great cool weather fragrance. Sometimes I'll layer it with Burberry London. Burberry London is really nice and pretty budget friendly if you get from an online discounter.
Eau des Baux is my personal favorite from L'Occitane. As others have said, it is inexpensive and smells fantastic. What's not to love?