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Cade: as good as promised

Yesterday, my local l'occitane vendor called me to let me know that they had 10 pucks of just arrived Cade.

Having read so many good things about it, I secured two pieces at an outrageous price (24 usd each, I live in chile).

Today I tried with an Omega horsehair. Not much in the scent department, went to face lather and... Glory.

Thick, wet lather, keeping the face safe and sound from the caress of my slim with a new Astra blade.

I dunno if my lathering technique has advanced that much since I joined, if the shaving passes we're done carefully or if Cade is that great but I got a bbs without even trying.

Magnific soap, creates great lather. Is it me or everyone had this great experienced from it?
I've never been able to get lather from a puck of Cade to look like I want (compared to Palmolive or Speick for instance), but oddly enough it provides some of my best shaves. While I was originally inclined to use it up and move on, it has become a favorite that I will keep around as long as they continue making it.
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It's near the top of my list for sure. At least with the puck I have, when I first opened the wrapper the scent was pleasant but very faint. After a few uses and some time to air out, it's gotten significantly more pronounced. I agree with all here - it's a wonderful scent and a great performing soap.
I use it and do enjoy it.

For me, the soap is good but not great in the performance department. The scent is really excellent though.

I have the Cade After Shave balm as well, it is expensive but I really like it a lot.
is this the same as the puck in the aluminum bowl, marked only "L'Occitane Shaving Soap"?

Sort of. The puck is sold separately from the bowl. The bowl itself just has "L'Occitane" engraved in the lid. The two items do pair quite nicely together - the bowl is beautiful and the soap is a delight.
I find I have to work like mad to get the lather the way I like it with Cade. With other soaps I can get there in no time at all. Apart from that it is a decent sort of soap with a very nice scent.
I have been using a Cade puck for about the last 2 weeks straight. It is quite hard, and I've been puddling up water on top of it after each shave and leaving it until the next day. It softens up the top 1 mm of the puck just enough to load the snot out of it onto my brush (I love lots of product). Starting to really dish out and load easily. Some really good shaves coming off of it, great post shave feel, and the scent is awesome, I wish there was an EDT of this scent, I'd be all over it. A+ for Cade from me.
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