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CA finish reacting with paint

Wondering if there are any experts here that can point me in the right direction:

I've got a Semogue 1438 that I really like and want to last for a good long while. I dropped it in the sink and chipped the paint pretty good, which I've read is common place with Semogue brushes. I wanted to repair it to protect the underlying wood, so figured I'd try a CA finish/patch job as I've read it's waterproof and compatible with most other finishes. Making it look pretty is not a priority (at least for now), just want to get it protected.

However, when I tried to drip some CA on and spread it over the base, it seems to act as a solvent and 'dissolve' the existing paint, so it smeared a whole lot of red paint onto my rag and added noticeable 'brush' strokes from the rag into the paint. Any advice on how to fix this up?

Is there a better alternative, perhaps some 2-part epoxy? Or should I try the CA again and try to get it smooth as quick as possible (the first time it sat for a about 15 sec before I smeared it all around).

It just need to be sealed right? so seal it with lacquer, varnish, or exterior paint of some kind. It seem as though you have somewhat disturbed the original finish so if it was me I would put the bristles in a toilet paper tube that was sliced and tapered down to the right diameter and tape off around the knot and then sand and refinish the whole thing. I don't know how comfortable you would feel doing this. Me personally am fond of finish work and would take the opportunity to play
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I'm not sure I'm comfortable refinishing the whole thing - think I might make it worse. Plus then I'd have to go buy more product. That's why I was hoping to be able to seal it with the stuff I have kicking around. I don't care if the chip is visible through the coating, just want it sealed.

Any idea what type of paint is standard on Semogue brushes, and what type of paint reacts with CA? I just don't want to start guessing with other lacquers if they'll do the same thing and dissolve the existing paint as well.
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