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CA finish on scales


I was looking at the sticky start here. There was a thread about using CA finish on scales. This got me thinking and now I'm curious. Scales that are more prone to scale rot, would doing a CA finish on them before they start rotting keep them from rotting? Would you be able to do a CA finish on scales that just start rotting to stop them from getting worse? If it is a yes to either of these questions or both it could be a good idea to put a CA finish on razors that are known to be more prone to scale rot to save them and or keep it from happening in the first place. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone tried this before after scales start to rot?
So what is a CA finish? Maybe you should explain better?

I regret that I have thrown out a couple of nice Solingens with scale rot that could have been salvaged.

I hope your thread get some more attention. It deserves it.


Thank you for that input. I'm thinking there has to be a way. The new razor I got from my understanding is that it's prone to cell rot. I love the scales and want to prevent it. @Graydog do you by any chance know a way to prevent it from happening?
CA reaction on some materials is not good
I have tried it on a vintage brush handle and it basically melted it.
What about a wax/polish of some sort. I have used something called Renaissance. It will provide some protection from moisture. 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190825160304388_COVER.jpg
Don’t over think it. That is a nice razor. If you are not suffering scale rot or signs, be happy and shave away. I have many celluloid scales that are quite old with no problems. No need to fix if not broken really.