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C&F Lavender ASB

I am tempted to pickup the entire lavender set. I am not sure if they have a pre-shave oil or cream, but I know they have an ASB.

I have sensitive skin that enjoys moisturization. I want my ASB to moisturize! I guess you could say my face is a little drier than the average.

Has anyone tried these? I have seen nothing but excellent reviews for CF Lavender shaving cream, how is their balm?

Happy New Year!!
Castle Forbes balm is high quality, with the same intense lavender scent as the shaving cream. It complements the cream well and makes for a nice set. How well it will work for a given person comes down to individual preference. While I find it goes on smoothly, I also find it to be a little on the tacky side when it dries. I think the worst thing for me, though, is that it was not moisturizing enough, and actually left my skin a bit dried out. For me, it just doesn't do what I need, and isn't worth the price.

CF also puts out an oil-free pre-shave. Personally, I find it makes my shave worse than not using any pre-shave. However, some people really like it. As always, it's a YMMV thing.
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