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C&E vs SR-108

I always see these two recommended. I own the C&E. It is very nice but I have nothing to compare it to. It is a bit stiff, but that is how I think I d want it.

How is the SR-104 or 108 different or better?

I am thinking about picking another one for my dad (his bday) So not sure if I should just get another C&E or go for SR for variety?

tips ,comments would be appreciated.


P.S. Since i joined the police academy and they require us to shave every day, the brush has saved my skin. I am able to quickly leather up the samples (that i got from this forum) and shave every day w/o much irritation. I dont remamber being able to shave every day w/o a problem before ( it use to always hurt/irritate me). I am using the 5 blade gillette for now.

While I cannot speak directly of the 104 or 108, I have the 204, 208, and 3322. IMO Savile Row brushes are unbelievable quality for the money. I'd definitely go with SR on that basis alone. While they might not be built with the heavy duty ruggedness of a Simpson, they are nonetheless very well made, and they outperform my 2 high priced Simpsons when it comes to getting the lather from the brush to my face. And nary a single hair has left my 3 SRs.

mrob said:
Wait till you get your hands on a proper razor--you'll be shaving hourly!:biggrin:

Tried today DE safety rasor, not sure which gillette one. With derby blade.

Was ok untill i started going against grain. NOw sitting with neck all cut up.

I think i will stick to mach 3 or the 5 blade one. I never get cut with them and get a superb closeness. Brush is a must now though.

Don't give up after 1 try--the first time is always a bit tricky. Hang in there, and give it a try!
Maybe you should stick with shaving with the grain, at least until you you get you'r angle dialed in. Stick with it and you will be rewarded with great shaves.
Cheers, DJ.
Ordered SR-204 for dad. 50 bux shipped is not too bad.

My C&E lost like 4 hairs so far in 1 month, but i dont think thats a big deal. I think its the bad ones comming out, and rest should stay in.

as far as shaving with grain; cannot do it. since we have to have a fairly close shave for academy. Mach 3 and the 5 blade works great since you can go over one spot like 10 times w/o cutting your self etc.


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