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C & E Sweet Almond Oil is...

50% off...$12.50 because it is being discontinued. I know there was some confusion and there were probably people out there that didn't believe the tubs were being discontinued. Well I guess we finally have an answer...at least you can go out with a bang and get them for half off...not a bad deal with a glass jar.
It appears that may be the case...you could email them just be sure, or contact a store nearby (if there is one) and see if they have any in stock.
It was on their site last night and I figured I would place an order today.:frown: Now it is gone!!!:mad3:
I bought two on Sunday for $12.50 each, but I just called the store to see if they still have them, and if so, the price. She scanned it and it came up $25. :frown:

With four tubs of this stuff stocked away, I am waiting for SAO to become an underground currency amongst wetshavers. When that happens I am set for life! :lol:
Is there a difference between the glass jar and the plastic tub? I was able to find it a a local soap store in the plastic and was not sure if it was the same stuff.
At least in my experience popping into C&E on a regular basis, there is. To what extent I cannot say as I've not used the glass jar formula. The glass jar formula appeared much more firm, and less shiny-waxy. (Keep in mind that this is a tester I am examining.) The scent was about the same.
I just talked to one of the local stores again and she said the tubes and the glass jars are staying. Only the plastic tubs are being discontinued. I was able to buy two glass jars for $12.50 on Sunday by mistake. Apparently the SKUs for the glass jars were entered as sale items as well as the plastic tubs, but they fixed the error. So, all the glass jars should again be $25 and the plastic tubs if you can find them are $12.50.
This has been a funny story to follow. I got the glass jar for $12.50 in the store. They must have sold a lot of jars at that price regardless of whether it was the glass or plastic version.
Its being discontinued.

Its being retained, but in tubes only.

Its on sale for $18.50.

Its on sale for $12.50.

The sale price is for the glass tubs.

The sale price is for the plastic tubs.

The sale price on plastic is given for glass.

C&E needs to get their story straight. If this was Law & Order they'd be in jail already!:tongue:
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