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C&E Lathering Question

This last weekend I managed to get my hands on some Crabtree & Evelyn Nomad shaving cream. I have used it 3 times now but find the lather to be quite different from that of the English creams or the Proraso that I am accustomed to.

I find that when I have reached a lather consistency similar to what I find good in other creams, it is not a very lubricating lather. If anything, it more resembles the lather of a soap than a cream.

The shaves I have been getting with it are not bad, just very different from I was expecting. If anyone who has had experience with this cream could comment on the qualities of your "build", I would appreciate the input.



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I've been having similar results with the C&E sandalwood cream, as well. It gives a good, but not great, shave. That's a shame, because it's one of the best smelling sandalwoods that I've tried.
Yes, it is a great shame. When I picked up the Nomad cream, I had the opportunity to smell both the Sandalwood & Sienna creams and had a difficult time not purchasing one of each.

I'm going to give this stuff through the end of the week, and if things don't get noticeably better, you may be seeing it in the shaving mall.
Strange results, folks. C&E lathers up as well as anything else, IMO. Shave quality is a tad worse than the three T's, but it isn't a huge difference.
I have noted a minor difference between the cream from the C&E tubes and the glass jars.. The tubes are excellent, right up there in performance. The jars I have to use my finger to dispense the cream as opposed to the dip and twist I do with most of my other tub-bound creams.. This seems to make a great difference and provides a shave on a par with the pricier options.
I find that my C & E Sandalwood dries out a bit quicker on my face and in the bowl, than any of the three T's, but it smells nice!
Try using just a little more cream than usual. I found this works for me.

Nomad is an incredible scent. One of my favorites and I put it there with the Three T's.
I've noticed that the Sandlewood does dry out a little quicker then the Nomad. But I found excellent results with both. I have some experience with the T's, but will leave the comparison to those with more T's exposure.
I found the almond in the jar dried to fast. More water, less water, same result. It did provide a good shave. The T&H I use most of the time has much better staying power.
Kyle said:
I find that when I have reached a lather consistency similar to what I find good in other creams, it is not a very lubricating lather.

I know this post is about creams....but I found the same problem with the Nomad soap. I was using a Simpson D2, and always had some irritation. I have changed to the men-u synthetic used with a lot of energy...I have lots of lubricity and now get excellent shaves.

After the first couple of marginally lubricating lathers, I did opt (as Shermdog recommends) to use more cream and did not see noticeable improvement. Tomorrow I will up the dosage a little more and see what happens. Based on some of your responses, I'm wondering if I got an "off" tube of this stuff. I did buy it at an outlet mall, but there was nothing noting that there was something out of the ordinary with the shaving products.
Different strokes I guess....I find the C&E Almond and Sandalwood to perform better than the T&H creams I tried. But you just can't beat that 1805 smell though...
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