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BWT Mg2+ Water Filter

Is anyone else using one of these BWT filters for tea or coffee? Disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection to the company; I just wanted to share my recent experience which has been very positive.

I bought my filter jug two weeks ago to use with my espresso machine. 2.6L jug, quite expensive at £30.00 GBP including one cartridge. I got it solely on recommendation. It's not a standard water filter: in addition to filtration it adds magnesium into the water (I believe exchanging out some of the naturally-occurring calcium). This is apparently a good thing in terms of flavour, and certainly in reducing scale buildup.

Now I'm lucky enough to live in one the UK's best areas for water: ours comes from reservoirs in mid-Wales and is renowned for its softness and excellent drinking quality. However, after cleaning the filter and running it through the taste difference was immediately apparent. Providing a lingering sweetness in the mouth long after drinking. I've only experienced this before with certain mineral waters which I feel are far too overpriced to use daily, oh yes and once drinking direct from a mountain spring in the Brecon Beacons. When my lass tasted it for the first time I asked her to compare it directly to tap water, and she too was blown away by the difference.

It improves tea, coffee and cooking hugely. For tea we generally drink strong Assam / builder's tea and even in this brew - strong and hot with plenty of milk and a fair bit of sugar - the flavour is greatly improved. For espresso it's night and day different: flavours with tap water are muddy, muted and 'dry' in comparison; sweetness clarity and brightness are far better with the BWT water. The only small downside is the price - we're running a lot of water through it now and will need to replace cartridges fairly often. These cost about £18.00 GBP for a pack of 3, each will last around 120 litres. Versus bottled water it's still very cheap indeed.

I know this post is old.

But what I can told you is that I use them for years. Since I saw som barista use them at home.

I can tell you that my coffee taste the with the filter water.

Also BWT company is the standard filter for a good coffee shop.

The cost in Canada is 42$ for pack of 3+1
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