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FSOT Buy, sell or trade with me

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Hi, looking to sell or trade the following:

Flat shipping to the US will be $3 per item, or $5 if buying more than one item.

Buy the whole lot for $80 shipped FREE via Priority Mail.

Payment through PayPal or Venmo.


Stirling Gin and Tonic shave soap 5.8 oz, new, $9

Stirling Gatlinburg shave soap 5.8 oz, puck- lathered a few times, $7

Dr Jon's Savannah Sunrise shave soap & aftershave splash set, 4 oz soap & 4 oz aftershave. Soap appears to have been scooped once, on the side. AS splash has been opened & possibly used a time or two. $24

West Coast Shaving slant head razor with what looks like a Bulldog handle, also includes a Lithe head from WCS for a more mild shave. Lithe head is new & unused, can't say if the slant & handle are new, so we'll go with used. $17

Yaqi Familia Sagrada 24mm synthetic brush, new in box, $13

Stirling Synthetic 2-band brush, 24mm w/ green striped handle, new in box, $10

Yaqi 26mm Synthetic brush with blue handle, used, $10


If you have any items that you'd like to trade me or sell to me, I'm looking for ANY of the following: (in no particular order)

Stirling EDT Colognes, full-size shave soaps, aftershave splashes and balms, body lotions or liquid body soaps in any of the following, used or new: (no menthol)

Stirling Sandpiper
Stirling Spice
Baker Street
Almond Creme
Pharaoh's Dreamsicle
Mountain Man

Wickham Soaps Club Cola shave soap (preferably used)

Noble Otter shave soaps in the following: (preferably used)

Noir et Vanille

If trading, shipping will be paid for by each member.

I'd be happy to combine multiple items to make a deal, or if you want to sell me any of the items that you have because you can't see anything I'm offering that you like, please PM me.

Thanks for looking.

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