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FSOT Buy, sell or trade items with me!

I have the following items available for trade, or will sell individually or collectively. PayPal and Venmo accepted.

If you have any of the items I'm looking for available to purchase and don't see something you'd take in trade, please let me know also.

Please add $3 USPS shipping (First Class or Priority depending on weight) for all items. I will pay for any extra shipping costs myself. Shipped only to the US.

If we're trading, you pay to ship me my stuff, I'll pay to ship you yours.

Please feel free to make offers, and if my prices are out of line, I will stand to be corrected!

Take the Maggard, Snowman, & the Omega with the stand below for $20 shipped.

1. Maggard 24mm synthetic brush with black handle used. $6 plus $3 S/H

2. Omega Badger Effect Pure Bristle Brush with silver handle, appears to be the 81230 model I think. used $6 plus $3 S/H

3. Razorock Snowman black synthetic shave brush. Used. $6 plus $3 S/H

Razorock Universal shaving brush stand, used, black in color. (Sell for$5, plus $3 S/H, or free if you buy/take in trade a brush, if you want it)

DS Cosmetics 24mm Synthetic brush fan knot, multi-colored orange handle, used, $14, plus $3 S/H

AP Shave 24mm synthetic brush fan knot, "Summer" handle, used, $18, plus $3 S/H

Yaqi Familia Sagrada 24mm synthetic brush, used, $9, plus $3 S/H

Razorock chrome silvertip Plissoft synthetic brush, uncertain if new or used, so going with used, $12, plus $3 S/H

(will include a tuck of Astra SP'S with each razor) Both for $20 shipped, or $10 each plus $3 S/H if purchased separately.

Maggard handle with unknown open comb head/baseplate.

Parker open comb razor model 24C

STIRLING shave soap samples.
All 6 pucks for $15 shipped, with containers.

2 Bay Rum pucks, New in wrappers.

1 Piacenza, puck has been lathered.

1 Baker Street, puck has been lathered.

1 Satsuma, New in wrapper

1 Bergamot Lavender puck, with wrapper, but is open and a chunk has been taken out.

All 5 splashes for $25 shipped.

Razorock Don Marco 90% full, contains menthol.

Stirling Deep Blue Sea w/menthol 50% full

Pinaud Clubman classic vanilla 95% full

Pinaud Clubman Whiskey Woods 95% full

Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve 95% full

CREMO shave cream tubes
Both for $11 shipped. Both are new and never used.

1 tube of Citrus and Sage scent, and 1 tube of Bourbon scent.

$10 each (plus $3 shipped) or all 3 shave soaps for $29 shipped.

WCS Duck Fat shave soap Oriental scent, 5 oz tub, around 50% remaining.

Noble Otter Barr-Barr shave soap, 4 oz tub, I'd guess around 60%-70% remaining, maybe more.

Stirling Haverford shave soap, 5.8oz, new, never lathered or scooped.

Stirling Tsuka shave soap and matching aftershave splash set. Both new, never scooped, lathered, or splashed. Soap is 3oz, splash is 2oz.

$20 shipped.

I am willing to trade multiple items to make the trade fair, or purchase your items outright if you don't see anything that you want to trade for.

What I would like to obtain through trades or purchase, in no particular order:

Central Texas soaps Mr. Pepper soap and/or splash, Cherry Pipe soap and/or splash.

Derby shave stick(s)
La Toja shave stick(s)

Stirling aftershave splashes or balms (no menthol)preferably used.

Ramblin' Man
Almond Creme
Gin and Tonic
Executive Man
Sharp Dressed Man
Black Cherry
Pharaoh's Dreamsicle

Stirling shave soaps in full size tubs (preferably used). Not interested in sample sizes or refill pucks, and must not contain any menthol.

Ramblin' Man
Executive Man
Pharaoh's Dreamsicle
Almond Creme
Margaritas in the Arctic

Also, any Stirling liquid body soaps, new bar soaps, EDT's, and/or Body Lotions in any of the aforementioned scents.


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More pics.


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Stirling samples sold.
Yaqi brush sold. Stand sold.
Whiskey Woods AS gone.

Remaining AS Splashes (3) will be sold for $16 shipped.

Tsuka set, Haverford soap, Deep Blue Sea splash and RR brush pending.

All else still available at this moment.
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Don Marco AS and Clubman Class Vanilla AS splashes are the only ones left, will sell together for $13 shipped if desired.
Noble Otter and WCS Duck Fat shave soaps no longer available.

Hit me up with more offers. This stuff needs to go.
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