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Buy another cheap razor or wait to buy something good?

Go vintage!
For $15 you could likely score an excellent Gillette Superspeed made out of Nickle plated brass with no alignment issues .. and without that ugly coating, made in the US even
I need to learn about the vintage market first. Some of those (on eBay) are dirt cheap. Some are over a hundred.
Penny wise, pound fool... Or is it the other way around?!

All jokes aside, I think you should pull the trigger on either the GC or the Lupo. Don't think, do it today. Just flip a coin and buy whatever razor comes up. If you don't like it, resell it here and buy the other one.

Now..., if you do like the razor, there's a good chance your RAD won't be cured.

In that case, just start a new thread asking us what to do.

PS. But most of all, add the .84-P SB to your list. I have the GC 84 and the Lupo 72 in my mind and am looking for as many inputs as possible!
Thanks but I never do anything today. I analyze everything to death.
Nothing wrong with trying out inexpensive razors. Don't deny yourself something higher shelf, though. So I say save up for the nice one.

I have the OC .84 Gamechangers (regular and Jaws). I like them both, but you might consider the dual comb Lupo. Unlike some dual combs, the Lupo DC is two different razors for the price of one. Check it out before you decide on your RazoRock splurge.
Thanks. Good suggestion on the DC, but I'm wondering if the 72SB might be the way to go. Somebody in this thread even said it was good as a daily driver, whereas the 95 was a bit much. Something to think about though. I have an SLOC that I love, so that 72OC might be to my liking. Thanks.
Go for the GC or Lupo. They perform WELL above their price point; especially as they are stainless steel. I resisted for a while, but purchased a Lupo 95 head on BST recently, thinking I would see what the hype is and pass it on. Well, the Lupo 95 is a great performer, and I am considering what others to pass on to others through PIF or sale. If you don't like it, you will easily sell it on BST.
Thanks. Yeah, I always forget about this -->
If you don't like it, you will easily sell it on BST.
Some folks prefer the Lupo .72 to the .95. Both are excellent. I couldn't shave with the .95 daily, but use it when I have two days of growth or more. The .72 on the other hand can easily be a daily driver if you like to shave daily.
Thanks. I'm definitely a daily shaver. I wonder though because in the Lupo thread here all kinds of people are saying the 95 is smoother than the 72. Your experience seems like the outlier.
You're going to buy the cheap one and then buy the expensive one in a month anyway, you have RAD. The only advice I have is that try to find something that qualifies as top tier in what it provides and hope it matches your budget. For example, I got a Rockwell 6C and I thought it would cure my RAD, but in a deep part of my brain I begin to question whether or not its clamping/blade rigidity is causing more irritation than I would like, so I start looking for something else that meets that requirement for a decent price, like a brass Karve. Only problem is, my brain now wants something stainless cuz I'm sick in the head, so I'll probably end up getting the Blackland Era. The point is, try to make a purchase that checks as many boxes as possible for a decent price and hope that kills the RAD, because many of these other options just won't.
The ERA is the first I've heard of it. Seems ideal with all the flexibiilty but seems it's not getting much talked about. (Plus that web page needs help. A black razor against a black background.)
I also vote strongly for a vintage Gillette. Believe me, those razors you mention will only be lying around eventually, and no one else will want them when there "hype days" are over.
Yeah, I'd like to do that. It does seem that there's always something better than what I've got.
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