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Button Fly


My new worst enemy when paired with a fine pair of jeans. Must avoid at all costs when going to a venue with troughs. Maybe there's money to be made here if I can invent some sort of solution to this button fly dilemma... I'll call it THE ZIPPER!
I got my first pair of button fly pants a little over a year ago with the purchase of my nicer jeans. I was really worried because I've heard so many people complain about them. I actually prefer a button fly over the zipper. I'm not really sure why, but I just like it.
When I was in my early 20s I used to swear by Levis 501's
Then I bought a very nice pair of beige coloured zip-fly jeans in the sales which I decided would look ultra cool with my brown suede wingtip brogues - the first time I wore them, I went for a leak before going out and wrenched the fly open like I usually did with 501's - and tore the teeth out of the zip !!
That put me off zip-fly jeans - I refused to wear anything without a button fly for years.

When I was in my early 30s I got a "Garth Brooks Live In Central Park" video and after seeing Garth Brooks and some of his backing group all wearing Wrangler jeans, I started wearing Wrangler jeans - vivid memories of the pair of jeans I ruined stopped me from ruining any of the Wranglers and I could just as happily wear zip or button fly jeans

Now that I'm in my late 40s I wear jeans from the local Chinese shops, they're made from thin, lightweight denim and have zip-flies - now I wouldn't buy button fly if zip fly jeans are available
Always button. I think it looks much better, with a zip fly it is very easy that after a while that it doesn't go all the way up and it shows. Also I have had zips broke but I have never had a button fly fail on me.
With Levis, doesn't matter, buttons or zippers, style rather then fly is the determinate, never had any issues with Levis closures.

With zippers in everything else, tents & sleeping bags, coats & jackets, back packs and hockey bags, failure's guaranteed.


Rudy Vey

Zipper all the way! We are living in the 21 st century, buttons are out on a pants fly. Never in my life did I destroy a zipper on a pair of jeans or any other pants. Even my waders have a zipper now....couldn't do this with buttons:lol:
I still prefer buttons to zips. I may have to undo my belt in 501s, but back in the day with BDUs, ACUs, et al, buttons worked fine. in the field, commando, middle button popped for airflow? nothing better, and less likely (but never prevented) blowing out a crotch seam with a week to go in the same pants.


Moderator Emeritus
That occasional -40 February breeze leads me to say zipper. I've never worn out the zipper before the rest of the jeans. I have had button holes stretch to the point of self opening.
I must be doing it wrong :biggrin:

You're doing it right... it requires a bit of finesse. Once you get the hang of it and you know that most find it frustrating while you can do it with ease, that's where the satisfaction comes in.

Like everything. Practice make perfect.

It's a bonus knowing that you don't have to worry about zipper failure.