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Burt's Bees Shaving Cream

Living on an island in Alaska leaves me very few choices in shaving soaps, creams, blades, etc to choose from. I started wet shaving in November last year and to date have used my 1960 Gillette Super Speed with Wilkenson blades, an Ever-Ready brush, Williams soap and I bought an Art of Shaving travel kit (sandlewood) when down south for the holidays. For the most part I've been pretty satisfied with the lathers and results of these products but while at the local drug store the other day I decided to try something new so I picked up a tube of Burt's Bees Shaving Cream for $7.99. What follows is my heroing saga with this surprising shaving cream.

I woke up this morning with anticipation and shuffled to the bathroom. As the shower was warming up I took a look at my three day growth in the mirror and ran my hand across it thinking about the undertaking my SS was gonna have. I filled the sink with hot water and stuck my razor, brush and mug in it. The warm shower felt good on this brisk 28*F morning. I finish up, dry off and wrap the towel around my waist. I apply the normal amount of my Mennen deoderant under each arm and then drain the sink of the now luke warm water. I retrieve my brush, razor and drain my mug. I fill the sink with hot water and once again place my razor in it. Now the time has come, I grab the tube of Burt's Bees shaving cream, open the lid and squirt some into the mug. I stick my brush in and start to swirl.....and swirl.....and....what the hell!! I get nothing! Just a bunch of white stuff smeared all over the bottom of that clear mug! I take what's left on the brush and attempt to apply it to my face. I get one cheek done but don't have enough for the other cheek or my neck. Now I'm frustrated. I take the tube and squirt some more into the palm of my hand. I rub my hands together and apply the now clear cream onto my beard. I reach for my razor and bring it to my neck. Pausing I start to shake. "Is this a good idea?" I ask myself. This could end up being the worst shave of my life. Most of my shaves to date have been mediocre and some have been full of knicks.....(Yeah I know, some of you are probably thinking it's because of the Williams soap.) I place the razor to my skin lightly and make the first pass WTG, then another, then another. I'm kinda liking the idea that I can see the blade working without all that lather, I can see the first layer of stubble being removed. I finish my neck, then my right cheek, then my left. I finish with my upper lip and then the chin. Impressed I squirt another dime size dollop in my palm and apply it again to my face. This time all my passes are ATG. I finish up and splash several cupped handfuls of cold water to my face. WOW! No knicks, no irritation. So smooth! So Easy! I rub my face and feel nothing but skin smoother than a babies bottom. Amazed I splash some Barber Side Bay Rum on my face and feel the burn of a good shave....I think I found my new favorite
some brushless creams perform really well.. you just have to read the label to know which ones lather and which ones don't. some guys here won't touch a brushless cream with a 39 1/2 foot pole. I use brushless creams on occasion, my current favorite is Sheffield. Never tried the Burt's Bees..
I'm gonna hafta keep my eyes open for Burt's Bees Shaving Cream. I've used Col. Conk with my DE. I've used and really like Burt's Natural Aftershave Balm. I found it awhile ago, on clearance at Target. I bought a tube and have been using it for many months. It's not astringent and very moisturizing. It's been my go-to aftershave until I discovered The Art of Shaving products this winter.
Burts Bees cream and aftershave are what I'm on now. I love 'em. They work great and the smell suits my outdoors/woodsy preference. The first time I cracked open my brush and used it I couldn't get the smell of badger-arse off my face. Brushless cream has worked well for me since. When this runs out I'd like to give Conks a try, but I think I may be onto Burt's for life.
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I use brushless creams when in a hurry or sometimes at the gym or traveling. Dr Hunter's from Caswell Massey works fine and Cremo works very well. Both are easy to get online. They give a nice, well lubricated shave. I take a little time to massage in and don't hesitate to put more on of extra passes. You loose the enjoyment and fun of the brush but are nice from time to time.
I do not like it. It does not make lather. It feels and smells as if it contains sawdust. I do not need an defoliant, as I am shaving.
Burts is very slick. Just a couple days ago, I ran out of the TOBS lather I whipped up, and was feeling too lazy to make more for a couple of touch up passes. I pulled out my Burt's from my pre-brush, pre-DE days (what was that...4 or 5 months ago?) and was pleasantly surprised.
Got me thinking about mixing it in with my regular cream. Any have any experience with that?
I'm on record out here touting Bert's Bees as a brushless. It does a terrific job for what it is, and will give you a great shave. I've found it to be excellent for a traveling cream and good for those mornings when you're running late and have literally 1-2 minutes for a quick one-pass.

I did break out a bit in the cheeks last time I used it, so I'll have to keep an eye on that, but I usually find it just fine on the face.
I might get some to mix..I have a problem with anything not Tabla Rasa. I purchased some TOBS Sandalwood and Trumpers Coconut and I could not use them unless I mixed in a small amount of TR.

Is this common? Perhaps Berts can replace the TR in my mix because that stuff is expensive!
I squirted all my Burt's Bee into a bowl with a screw on lid, melted some VDH and dropped in a couple of ounces of glycerin , mix it all up and have a descent smelling cream that lathers and is slick for those mornings when I don't have the extra time!
as it says on the tube.. brushless!

my travel kit (as I refuse to check) is Burts shave cream and ASB with a few Schrick Slim Twins.
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