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Bundubeard Rooi Afrikaner review

Bundubeard's Rooi Afrikaner is one of their tallow based soaps which differs from their standard range which uses a glycerine and clay base with coconut oil. The original formula is a tweaked "boereseep" recipe, the soap itself is very hard so its definitely a soap that will last you quite a long time. The soap features rooibos infused water in the recipe, so that contributes heavily to the excellent scent which i will discuss in detail later on.

Over the last week or so I've used this soap on 3 occasions, all with my omega 49 and it produced super slick lather perfect for aggressive razors. I genuinely think ive found my local alternative to arko which has been my favourite soap for over a year now, and i think i may have a new favourite. Without further ado, lets get into the nitty gritty of the actual review portion of this article.

Scent- 9/10,I'd describe the scent as an earthy, rooibos scent, quite herbal but in a good way with mild minty undertones, after lathering the scent becomes more floral, definitely a very sophisticated scent and i can't see many people not loving this scent.

Lather- 8/10, takes a bit more work compared to the glycerine based bundubeard soaps, but it still lathers far better than many other soaps.

Slickness- 9/10,This is where the bundubeard Rooi Afrikaner shines, it has fantastic slickness, two or three points above that of the standard glycerine base with the lathering only being 1 to 2 points lower, for me slickness is way more important in any case, so i definitely prefer the tallow base although i love both the glycerine base and tallow based soaps they stock.

Residual slickness-9/10, fantastic residual slickness, more than good enough for touch ups with mild razor although I'll always recommend re-applying lather.

Packaging- 10/10, bundubeard always strives to use environmentally friendly packaging when possible, with all their in house soaps being available in refills, the label on each soap container is a literal work of art.

Price-10/10, for an artisan soap you absolutely cannot find a better value for money option, at 95 rand ( 5.8 dollars at the time of writing)(180gr puck), its a fantastic proposition value wise.

Conclusion- all in all, this soap has a price to performance ratio which is hard to beat, and it definitely has a scent which can easily compete with the best artisan soaps out there, so it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

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