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Bunch o' stuff for sale: mostly hardware, some software

Trying to make space, hopefully these will find some good homes. Flat $5 shipping cost regardless of order size, CONUS only please. Paypal G&S of course.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for additional photos/weights/videos, happy to oblige however I can.

  • Rex Envoy - used a couple times, too aggressive for me. $70
  • Above the Tie R1 head, 2015 made in the USA. $50
  • Ikon Tech(Teck) with Ikon bulldog handle - used a couple times, too aggressive for me. $30
  • Ikon short comb with Ikon bulldog handle - used a couple times, too aggressive for me. $30
  • Parker Variant, there's a small bit of discoloration on both sides of the handle that I tried to show in the picture, no impact on grip/shave quality. $22
  • Rockwell 6C, gunmetal. $22
  • Travel Tech in zip-up leather case, I had aspirations of somehow fixing the leather straps inside that have clearly come apart, but its never going to happen... razor itself is very clean and a K2 date code. $6

  • 24mm Oumo in Vlad Ferdman/LoveYourShave handle. $30
  • 24mm AP Shave Gealousy brush. $30
  • Vintage Klenzo B985 handle w/ TGN finest knot (21-22mm I believe). Handle has a couple of stabilized cracks, very cool butterscotching. $11

  • 4oz of Xpec unscented cream, this has not been used/lathered (scooped out the top portion of my tub and this is the untouched portion from the bottom. Not dried out at all. $15
  • Myrsol Agua Balsamica, I'll call it 85% full of the 180ml bottle (fill level sits right around the bottom of the Agua Balsamica text). This is a heavy bottle so I would prefer to not sell this on its own because the weight of this itself probably makes it go priority shipping... $15
  • Mike's vetiver soap, in the older metal tin. By weighing this its about 90grams of soap left, its been sitting for a while so its a shrunk a little around the edges but scent is still strong (this was always one of his strongest scents in my opinion). $8
  • B&M Hallows aftershave balm, unused. $6
  • Sudsy Soapery vetiver & vanilla aftershave balm, unused. $5
  • Felce Azzurra AS, glass bottle that I'd say is 85% full. $6

Thanks for taking the time to look, and again please feel free to reach out with any questions etc.Envoy.jpgATT.jpgATT2.jpgIkons.jpgIkons2.jpgRockwell-Parker.jpgRockwell-Parker2.jpgTech.jpgTech2.jpgbadgers.jpg
Fantastic deals.

Fayiz D.
Thanks Fayiz, I appreciate the positive feedback.

A few item updates:
Envoy, Klenzo/TGN brush and Sudsy Soapery balm are SOLD.
Rockwell, Travel Tech, Xpec & Agua Balsamica are spoken for/SPF (will update as sold when they become "officially" gone).
Remaining hardware items from this are the Above the Tie stainless head (OG made in the USA version), both Ikon razors and the two badger brushes.
Remaining software is the Mike's vetiver soap, B&M Hallows balm and Felce Azzurra AS.

Shipping on me if you buy a piece of hardware with something else (either another piece of hardware or a software item). Some freebies will be included.

Thanks again, hope everyone has a great weekend.
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