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Bulk Folders

I use yahoo for my basic email account. I had the account since 1998, everyone who knows me has the address, so I stay there. Yeah, I know there are better options. I decided for this year, I am going to let the "Bulk Mail" folder accrue spam. I've always deleted it, but for now, I am tired of it. And, curious to see how much it will build up. Last cleared at midnight, December 31, I know have 265 messages in holding. And this is with the spam filters on! I don't know if Yahoo will delete the files periodically, like they do with the Trash folder, but I thought it would be fun to see how much junk I do get.


I've got an email address I've had since March of 1997. I foolishly used it to register a lot of domains, and to sign up for every newsletter under the sun years back, and now I just get hundreds and hundreds of spam. I've got new email addresses, but it's just a pain to switch everything over.

On the plus side, I've just been offered a very lucrative proposition from Barrister Senator Bello, Esq in Nigeria. :w00t:

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