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Built myself a razor rack!

The shoulder hooks I ordered finally showed up so I slapped it together earlier. I think it turned out pretty well for a first draft.

20170707_154131.jpg 20170707_154244.jpg

Next time I'll see if I can find a chalk line and a drill press to keep the hooks more perfectly aligned, but it'll do for now.
Awesome! I am keeping an eye out for ideas. I want to come up with a storage / display solution for my stuff too!
I can show my wife your picture and say, "see honey, he was allowed!"
@Mtn Man
And my wife would say.. where did all those razors come from? Have you been buying them?
I'm not sure she'd believe me when I told her that they were all PIFFED to me...:001_unsur She knows I have them but they're not in plain sight.

@Haadkoe don't forget to buy a (more than) a few injectors to hand there.
Thanks for the kind words fellas!

I definitely need to start filling up more of those spots! If only there weren't so many other bidders driving the prices up... and half of the time shipping costs to Canada turn a great deal to mediocre/bad in a hurry. I'll get there eventually though.

Wife doesn't seem to mind either. She said it looks great, then said "So I guess you're planning on getting more razors then?"

It probably doesn't hurt that I hung her Krona in the shower a few weeks ago which is what spawned this idea.
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