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building lather in bowl vs on face.

I watched the video from AOS site where the guy lathers up on his face directly. I wonder is that worse or better then first building lather in a mug/bowl and then putting it on face?
Too hard to control water to cream ratio, this is where the mug, bowl, scuttle, whatever always wins. I used to do it this way but I found that most of the water I had loaded into the brush just ended up running down my chest.
I build mine in a bowl. I tried doing it on the old face and didn't have much luck. I'm not sure one way is worse/better than the other (aka matter of personal preference), but other people might have different opinions on it.
You'll find different folks do it differently, but the majority probably use a bowl/mug for building the lather.

Some folks, like Joe (TraderJoe), will recommend building the lather on your face.:wink:
ada8356 said:
Some folks, like Joe (TraderJoe), will recommend building the lather on your face.:wink:

Thats correct Aaron! I have my best, most protective lathers made right on my face. I do primarily use soaps, fwiw...but creams get used sans bowl as well.
I use a Palmolive SS , rub it on my face and then use the brush to build a lather. I think that this method does a better job of working the lather into the beard, but I could be wrong.
I build it on my face, but have to drop water into the breach from time to time, and/or sometimes have to make a new batch of lather for the 3rd/4th pass
I had great luck on my trip building the lather on my face using the Simpson Major travel brush, but when I returned home and used a larger brush, it didn't work so well. Back to the bowl.
For me, with a good soap, building lather on the face is fastest and works most effectively. I find that building lather in a bowl reduces the effectiveness of the brush because, once built, there is less pure soap left in the brush. It's sort of a "scooping" action to get more lather from the bowl, rather than a re-lathering. If built directly on the face, there's always a bit more pure soap in the brush that's ready to build another pass-worth of lather.

Creams, on the other hand... I just don't understand creams yet :blink:
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