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Build me a beard care package. $50 limit.

Any recommendations on what to throw in the mix?

Will buy in a week.

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It might be worth buying an all-in-one beard grooming kit like the Clubman Pinaud kit that includes conditioner, oil, and balm. It's cheap ($12.25 right now), but will give you an idea of the type of products that work for your skin and beard type.

There are also kits that include brushes, combs, scissors, etc. for less than $20. Even if the products aren't to your taste, at least you get some hardware to groom your beard with. :001_smile
Re: beard oil:
In my tests, beard oil is all horribly overpriced. The thickness/thinness of the oil is something you have to decide on, but most any oil will help soften hair without the problems with silicone-based conditioners. Try the same oils used as carrier oils by the essential oil people: unprocessed coconut oil if you want something thick, castor oil if you want thick but can't do coconut.
Safflower is a cheap easy-to-source thinner oil, and fractionated coconut is even thinner.

Jojoba and argan oil have all the street cred you can pay for, but in my blind tests with friends it's a toss-up whether they'll be better or worse. Seriously, some people preferred Costco olive oil to a $20-per-ounce argan/jojoba/etc. blend.

Commercial balms are nice if you want a bit of wax. Buying premade product is certainly convenient, so I won't judge you for spending a few bucks on it. In that case, pick a trustworthy brand that's not charging premium prices.
Honest Amish soap: $8
Honest Amish balm: $13
Shorter beard: Texas Beard Company boar brush: $10
Longer beard: Kent sawcut beard/mustache comb combo: $16