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    This seems to be a thread people are interested in lately. If you had to Bug Out what would be your three things.? I'll start.
    1) Water in canteen
    2) beef jerky
    3) garbage bag (to collect more water)

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong area. What about yinz?
  1. A couple of guns and with those I can get everything else I need.
  2. No water canteen? Smh lol I have no gun. But I do have some swinging fists and a 6 cell flashlight! :)
    I have a slingshot for varmits too!
  3. 6 D cells.... :)
  4. Ooops. No food for you. You are sunk. Not even a bow and arrow or a knife to hunt with? Although a slingshot could work...very well at times.

  5. Good point. I will get a bow and arrow. I do have some land to practice on. You (or anyone) have any tips?
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    Holy crumb. . . do we need another thread so quickly on the same issue?
  7. Bow and arrows? Please move as you see fit. I honestly wanted some tips , lol
  8. Pepin

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    Ginger and Mary Ann for starters ...
  9. Okay haha. Agreed but that leaves only one last thing. Water???
    I guess youre right though.
  10. I'm not going to "bug out". If it did, I'd just make sure I had a paracord bracelet and I'd be prepared I'm told.
  11. Establish an anchor point for your shooting hand when you draw the bow...like on your cheek right behind your mouth. Watch some youtube videos if you don't have anyone to show you. Then practice, practice, practice. A good pin sight on the bow will help with aiming. And I am definitely not real good with a bow...so take that for what it's worth. And do a smooth release.

    Anchor point and smooth, quick release is valid with any slinging thing. I still have my Wham-O slingshot from when I was a kid and it can be not a toy...some serious stuff. My favorite is a handmade one a friend in the country of our neighbors to the north made me. I asked him what kind of wood it was made of and he said "Heck I don't know. It's just a forked branch that looked good that I picked up in the woods. It's from one of them Canadian trees."

    Anchor point on slingshot, and also how you do a bow. Some blatant and excessive advertisement.


  12. Water is good...take a canteen to start with, then something to boil the water you can find...if you can find any.
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  14. Traps made from natural materials.....

    #1 should always be a place to go

    Remember the 6P rule... Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance
  15. There's plenty of places to go "out there" for #1, it's #2 that could get uncomfortable. Just make sure you are using hardwood oak leaves or dried grass to clean up with and not poison oak.

    Oh, you didn't mean that kind of go.

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  16. As a nurse I once treated a patient that had used the wrong leaf. Not at all pleasant for either of us.
  17. Great tips. I think it's safe to say that when we bug out, I'll be sufficiently prepared now. If anyone comes across me deep in the forest just announce your intentions first, such as "I come seeking your squirrel meat" or "I come in peace, let's forge an Alliance.". Etc.

    I will gladly share the squirrels and would most likely forge an alliance. It will be rough at times but we must persist!!
  18. Not sure you can bug out in Singapore - 20 minutes in any direction and you're in the water!

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