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Budget Razor Rack

I often use multiple razors during the course of a shave. I got tired of shuffling them in and out of the medicine cabinet (no drawers in my bathroom) so I decided to build a very cheap rack out of electric wire (see attached photo).

I bought the wire and washers at Home Depot for $.16 per foot (4 feet) and $.17 each, for a grand project total of $1.32. I already had the bolts and plastic dry wall anchors (might jack the cost up to $3.00 if I had to buy).

It took about 15 minutes with a pair of lineman's pliers and a ruler to bend the wire into shape. It is certainly not the most handsome rack ever created but it did come out much better than I thought it would.
The secret to a happy marriage is seperate bathrooms.

Sorry for the picture getting posted twice. First time trying it.
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