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Budget of $70 +/-

Simpsons X2L or Commodore X2 or anything else that I should also consider?
BAD creeping in, pls help to sooth this :001_tt2:

Thanks :)

The Rooney 3/1 or 1/1 in Super Silvertip needs to be considered. 65 bucks for a hell of a brush.

Or contact Rudy Vey.
My first brush purchase was a Simpons Colonel X2L on the excellent recommendations of the gentlemen here. You won't go wrong with either, but I liked the feel of the Colonel better. Works decently for face lathering and it's very good for bowl lathering.
Before I answer I want to know what kind of products you use? Do you bowl or face lather? What do you like most about the brushes you have now, and what do you want your new brush to be like?

At $70 a Simpson in best is a very good value. If you wanted silvertip at that price Rooney Super in size one is also worth consideration. However for my money, I would purchase a TGN knot and handle and glue them together myself. Its more work, but you can get a bigger more luxurious brush out of the same money. Not everyone is comfortable with this option and not everyone wants a bigger or softer brush, but its much easier than it sounds, and you can tune the brush exactly to your needs.
It's been approx a month since I face lather and currently using my Edwin Jagger Best Badger Medium. Currently using mostly creams but I think very likely I will add soaps to my rotation i.e ( MWF , TOBS , i' Colonial , Cella ). I would definitely want an upgrade from my current without spending too much if possible . I think I would want a bigger brush, my friends has been suggesting a knot size of 22/23 mm anything bigger would be too big.

For the DIY route, how difficult it is? Any guide?

Currently seeking good alternatives for brushes at the level of Simpsons, researching on it, not rushing it as I still have a brush to use :)

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