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Buck Salient Straight Razor Review

Anyone that’s ever used a Buck pocketknife knows that they make some pretty good blades. So when I saw that they had released a new straight razor, I was able to hold off for a while but finally gave in and ordered one.

I ordered one of the Buck Knives 039 Salient Straight Razors with matte black G10 scales by Caleb Cooper from Copper and Clad.

This is a short and sweet review.

The scales are unusual in that they are sculpted and have a handle that feels great in the hand. The matte finish is different from my other shiny razors. And the texture of the scales has a nice feel. I think they will be less slicky when wet.

The blade itself isn’t real fancy. No spine work save from some coarse serrations near the thumb area. There’s a laser etched CC (for the designer) and Buck (the brand). The run number 071 was actually engraved.

I stropped it a few times then loaded up a Duke 3 with CF lavender cream. Preshave with TOBS preshave gel.

After 2 passes I had a DFS. After 3 passes I had a BBS shave. This was a ridiculous edge straight out of the box!!! And for $85??? Wow.

Very impressive. Easy to handle. Great performance. What’s not to like?

I’ve already ordered one for a buddy for Christmas.
I have a couple of shaves under my belt with this razor now, and it’s getting better with each shave. Still impressed with this bit of gear.


Alfred Spatchcock
Great edges out of the box but if you know how to hone, that steel will reach a level that will give a one-pass BBS shave.
Thanks for the heads up. I just bought one. I had the original LE but sold when given an off I couldn’t refuse. Nice razor and can take an insane edge

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