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Brut:Splash-On vs. Aftershave....

Does anyone know what the difference between Brut Splash-On and Brut Original Aftershave is? I took a whiff of each at the store today and both seem the same to me. The cologne was definitely a bit stronger than each of the other two. I searched the forum but couldn't find any real info on the differences.

For some odd reason I am strangely being compelled to purchase some Brut. I havn't bought a bottle of this stuff since high school and I'm 46. This forum is changing me and I fear not for the better. I have enough aftershave to last me until I'm at least 73, give or take a year or two.

Thanks for any insight!!

Marty E.

I knew you'd come thru!!

I searched for a long time and that thread never came up. A perfect detailed answer for my question. Thank you sir!

Off to the store tomorrow to pick up some Brut A/S then. Gonna re-live my youth. A shiny silk shirt, some stacks and a pair of bellbottoms and I'll be rockin' the Brut!!

Marty E.
Brut is the AV of the UK. Once upon a time every man wore Brut. Nowadays if you walk down the street in England wearing Brut ,women pick up their children in panic and cross the road!.
Which is a pity as i loved the scent.
The Brut you have there is not quite what we have here across the Pond, Steve. The UK Brut smells "flat" to me. Still, not many women here will admit to liking it. If they're young, they think it's an "old man" scent, and if they're older, it reminds them too much of their fathers/brothers. My gal loves it, though. :blush:
I was almost going to buy a bottle of this tonight. I loved it as a kid, and I still like the scent now. I ended up buying a bottle of clubman instead. I am happy about that, and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
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