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Brut experiment

Alright, everybody. I think I've done it! The Sandalwood has really tied it together. I would still like to add a drop of vanilla to make it just a tad sweeter to match the vintage, but it so close that it takes some effort to tell which is which. I have three different versions I have made and will decide on the final recipe in a few days.

So far I have added:
1. Musk Ketone
2. Oakmoss tincture 10%
3. Sandalwood Givco 203 (synthetic)
4. Oakmoss Givco 214 (synthetic)

The weird thing is the synthetic oakmoss actually smells more like Oakmoss Absolute, the pure resin derived from the lichen. But when combined with the natural tincture, you get a more realistic oakmoss overall. It's fresh and dank at the same time. It lingers on and on. It is 90% Vintage Brut to say the least. Any of you could make this!
This is great news! How much of each ingredient did you add and what supplier did you use?
This is great news! How much of each ingredient did you add and what supplier did you use?
I am still nailing down the final recipe, but I should have it for you guys in about a week. I do need to let them mellow for a little while longer. I also want to try adding some Vetiver and Patchouli to get it even closer to vintage.

It's not an exact replica, but it functions exactly the same, if that makes sense. I doubt anyone could make it exact as I am sure some ingredient or another isn't the same as whatever they used in 1970's.

Still. I am surprised at how close it actually is. My wife LOVES it, and she's not easy to impress.
This is great news! How much of each ingredient did you add and what supplier did you use?
I used Perfumer's Apprentice. If you want to order these things, go ahead and do so and I will advise you on amounts when I have a better idea. Those listed above will get you close to what I have now. I used a little Vanilla extract from the kitchen because I have already ordered supplies twice and didn't want to order a third. So you can order a vanilla from them or just use common extract. I have some vetiver and Patchouli essential oil I have from a previous project that I will add tonight.

It also pays to get a fresh bottle of Brut Classic cologne, definitely not the "splash on"! New cologne is more potent than something that has been sitting around for a while in the plastic bottle.
This is a really fun thread to read and I look forward to your final recipe. I wish I could help with the vintage old spice sample but I don't have any :(

I also loved the older British Sterling - do you have any thoughts on that one?